Meet Gina


Hi, I’m Gina! Right brained (or maybe it’s left brained) mother of two little girls (Angelina, 5 and Emiliana, 2) and married to an amazing husband, Michael.  We live in a cozy house in southern Orange County California with our adorable Goldendoodle puppy, Georgia!  If my husband and I aren’t working and we are all actually together you can find us at the beach, pool or disneyland!

I grew up in Nor Cal in a loud Italian family and if you are familiar with the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” you would surely find some similarities! I love cooking and have been doing a lot of it lately since going Paleo in January 2015. It’s been an awesome journey so far (but who are we kidding. . .this Italian misses her pasta)

Some of my favorite past times are kayaking, Zumba, sleeping (don’t get enough of that anymore) I’m a big movie buff, love Jesus, pedicures, shopping, the color gray and Trader Joes. . .hello Cookie Butter!

 I love to travel and was so fortunate to have the opportunity to live in Italy as an Au Pair several years ago and see many things while I was there. I cannot wait to go again now that the kids are getting a little bigger. Ireland and England are definitely on our “To Do” list this year! Eeekkk!


All of these experiences have led me to this place in my life. I’ve been humbly fortunate to be able to turn my craze for photography into a career. It’s such a pleasure doing something you love and I’m so grateful for this marvelous blessing in my life! My work is a mix of candid photojournalism and fine art portraiture. My goal for every session is to capture my subject matter in the most natural and beautiful way possible. Freezing all those moments that go by too fast and documenting raw emotions as they unfold. My style combines moody and organic with an ethreal and whimsical flair; specializing in high school seniors, engagement, weddings and boudoir and are available worldwide. I look forward to meeting you and building a lifetime friendship!


“Let us spend our lives chasing the tiny moments of grace that hide in borrowed breaths, stolen glances, and the last instant before smiling lips come to rest.” -Tyler Knot Gregson

“Photography is about passion and the need to craft memories into something emotionally tangible. It’s about freedom to go where the wind blows, and live without boundaries. It’s about risk and sacrifice. It’s about relationships and love . . . It’s a lot about love. It’s about seeing, really seeing; with your soul. It’s about light . . . and the absence of light… Sunrises, sunsets; the twist of a curl on a little girl’s head… that same twist of a curl when she walks down the aisle. It’s about life, the adventures along the way, and the chance to save little pieces of future history.” – from the heart, Koby & Terilyn Brown

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